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The Golden Age of Fish

Original Score

Wild River Records WRR006
In the cracks between perception, categorization and habitually constructed history, you can start to hear something else. This score for the film by Kevin Jerome Everson makes subtext audible, and it doesn't seek to make it conform.


Music composed, performed, arranged and programmed by Ronit Kirchman

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ronit Kirchman

Film still courtesy of Kevin Jerome Everson

Copyright ℗ and © 2008-2013 Ronit Kirchman.
All rights reserved.


Flying Fish 1:36 Buy Play
Golden Fish 1:00 Buy Play
Dino 0:40 Buy Play
Nature Sounds 0:48 Buy Play
Police Body 0:31 Buy Play
Streetnight 0:27 Buy Play
The Meadower 0:55 Buy Play
Red Carpet 1:32 Buy Play
Maxine One 0:37 Buy Play
Massive Layers 1:16 Buy Play
Shooting 0:18 Buy Play
Bave Casement 0:59 Buy Play
Rock Artist 0:45 Buy Play
Lunch 0:17 Buy Play
Blur Bag 0:14 Buy Play
Maxine Two 0:10 Buy Play
Touchdown 1:16 Buy Play
Boxers 0:52 Buy Play
Mirror Shadow 0:39 Buy Play
Golden Fish Reprise 0:58 Buy Play
Kite 1:36 Buy Play
Athletics 1:03 Buy Play
Maxine Three 1:32 Buy Play
Maxine Four 0:31 Buy Play
Final News 0:43 Buy Play
Maxine Forever 0:16 Buy Play