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Wild River Records WRR004
This compilation of musical meditations gently shifts through story flows and instrumentation. Music from Ronit's film scores for Say You Love Me and The Chessmen; her theater score for Stop Kiss; as well as concert music and live-looped improvisation for group meditation.


Music composed, produced and arranged by Ronit Kirchman

Album produced by Ronit Kirchman

Ronit Kirchman: violin, voice, electric 7-string violin, live electronics, electronic programming, piano on track 2
Trevor Berens: piano on tracks 3, 5
Vicki Ray: piano on tracks 6-19
Dorothy Stone: flutes

Tracking engineer for tracks 6-19: Scott Fraser
All other tracks recorded by Ronit Kirchman
Mixed and mastered by Ronit Kirchman

Album Art and Graphic Design by Ronit Kirchman

Copyright ℗ and © 2003-2013 Ronit Kirchman. All rights reserved.

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Kiss 7:42 Buy Play
Dream Life 2:44 Buy Play
Bucks County 0:42 Buy Play
The Floaters 1:10 Buy Play
Live in the Moment 1:38 Buy Play
Double Cuttings 0:59 Buy Play
Tough Customer 0:22 Buy Play
George 1:14 Buy Play
Glimmer 0:15 Buy Play
Go Eat Dirt 1:13 Buy Play
Sweet Lorraine 0:47 Buy Play
Nursery Wife 0:46 Buy Play
Boxes 2:32 Buy Play
Bunkhouse Blues 0:32 Buy Play
Return of the Boxes 0:38 Buy Play
Coda 3:12 Buy Play
Phases 1b 1:19 Buy Play
Boxes: Structures 2:18 Buy Play
Fields 3:38 Buy Play
Ancestors 1:22 Buy Play
Low Loop 15:52 Buy Play