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Finding Neighbors

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Wild River Records WRR003
Get to know Finding Neighbors through this buoyant, richly textured score. A coming together of classic rock and blues, contemporary pop, great storytelling and memorable melodies.


Music composed, produced and arranged by Ronit Kirchman

Album produced by Ronit Kirchman

Ronit Kirchman: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, violin, ukelele, 7-string electric violin, kazoo, whistle, electronic programming
Patrick M. Campbell: percussion
Scott Johnson: additional keyboards
David Poe: vocals
Rhonda Toni: vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ronit Kirchman
Additional recording by Scott Wiley

Copyright ℗ and © 2013 Ronit Kirchman. All rights reserved.

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Dreamland 2:37 Buy Play
Neighbors 1:33 Buy Play
Self and Sandwich 0:48 Buy Play
Falling Short 0:46 Buy Play
Partners 1:37 Buy Play
Grace 1:19 Buy Play
Fight the Good Fight 0:34 Buy Play
The Sadness 1:00 Buy Play
Oh La La 0:57 Buy Play
Damages 0:34 Buy Play
Fatal Attraction 0:40 Buy Play
I Love Miniature Golf 0:58 Buy Play
Appreciation 1:20 Buy Play
Weird 1:57 Buy Play
Freedom 1:46 Buy Play
My Roots 0:51 Buy Play
Insight 1:18 Buy Play
Nobody's Fault But Mine 2:07 Buy Play
Inner Road Trip 0:36 Buy Play
Proof 0:45 Buy Play
Airport Rose 1:13 Buy Play
I Told Paul 2:01 Buy Play
This Wake-Up Moment 0:45 Buy Play
Ponderosa Pines 3:53 Buy Play
Mirror Mirror 1:57 Buy Play
Put It Out There 1:25 Buy Play
Bring Him In For Questioning 1:46 Buy Play
One Last Time 1:22 Buy Play
Giving Up 2:34 Buy Play
Starting to Realize 4:10 Buy Play
Maybe Ever 0:53 Buy Play
Love 2:58 Buy Play
Without Warning 3:50 Buy Play