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Composer's Note:

It was truly a joy to compose the music for
Evil Eye, and to collaborate with the talented directors Elan and Rajeev Dassani. The music communicates a very dynamic emotional range, and a very specific genre space, in the context of a multi-national, multi-generational story. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to write emotional, melodic themes that trace family relationships and unfold in unexpected ways. I feel that foundation of emotional connection with the characters is really essential to engaging us when the conflict and horror go full-throttle in the last act. The final scenes presented an exciting musical opportunity to amp up the intensity and provide maximum dramatic impact, transforming the vocabulary into something disturbingly resonant, yet newly threatening.


Music composed, produced, arranged, and programmed by Ronit Kirchman

Album produced by Ronit Kirchman

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ronit Kirchman

Special Thanks

Elan and Rajeev Dassani
Lisa Bruce
The producers and everyone at Amazon Studios, Blumhouse TV, and Purple Pebble Pictures
Sarah Kovacs and Kraft-Engel Management
David Ferreria at Mark MML
Brian McNelis, Alon Levitan, John Bergin, Eric Craig, Kathy Ng and the team at Lakeshore Records


Protection 01:42 Buy Play
New Day 02:49 Buy Play
Scar 03:08 Buy Play
Karma 04:25 Buy Play
Engaged 05:04 Buy Play
You Are Safe 01:37 Buy Play
Sapphire Returns 02:30 Buy Play
Pursuit 01:38 Buy Play
She Never Recovered 02:39 Buy Play
Independence 02:40 Buy Play
Horoscopes 00:45 Buy Play
You've Changed 05:06 Buy Play
Surprise Visit 02:18 Buy Play
Superficial Similarities 01:53 Buy Play
Her Own Good 02:26 Buy Play
Blessing 04:59 Buy Play
Drop To The Floor 04:31 Buy Play
Amma 00:42 Buy Play
Subconscious 00:40 Buy Play
Mother Daughter 02:15 Buy Play
Third Generation 01:10 Buy Play