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october 2014

Zen and the Art of Dying original score

Ronit has begun scoring Broderick Fox's latest documentary feature project, Zen and the Art of Dying

In a recent issue of Harvardwood, director Fox spoke highly of Ronit and their ongoing collaboration: “Human nature is such a powerful character – ashes to ashes and dust to dust – and with this return to the elements, I was afraid that music may manipulate an already emotional subject matter. But when I started to hear some of Ronit’s exquisite soundscapes, I knew she had the right touch, and the music will take the film to an even deeper level.”

More about this film: Zenith Virago is the go-to marriage celebrant of Byron Shire, Australia, having conducted over 1500 marriage ceremonies. She’s also the region’s deathwalker, offering end-of-life decision planning and DIY funeral alternatives through her Natural Death Centre. Both sides of her work share the same mission: to help people reclaim their most personal, vulnerable, and significant life moments from commercial pressure, government bureaucracy, and cultural taboo.