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May 4, 2018 - Los Angeles, CA


Hey Sinner fans! Ronit's original score album for Season 1 is coming out on May 11 on Lakeshore Records! This album is a deep dive into the mysterious and captivating musical world of The Sinner – an emotional journey of discovery through a landscape of distinctive electronic rhythms and beats, evolving layers of danger and mystery, and memorable, masterfully orchestrated melodies. The Apple Deluxe edition includes a package of 9 additional exclusive bonus tracks from Kirchman’s score, and a 24-bit WAV version will be available through Lakeshore's Bandcamp site.

Says showrunner Derek Simonds: “I can’t imagine The Sinner without Ronit’s music. She’s a whiz in the studio, a talented multi-instrumentalist who creates singular textures for her compositions, and most importantly, a soulful artist with a deep sensitivity to the subtleties of character and mood. Her work effortlessly expresses both the churning dread and the contemplative, bruised heart of Cora’s journey.”

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