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Spring 2015 News Roundup

A current of exciting activity is flowing around Wild River Music these days. Dramedy Finding Neighbors, directed by Ron Judkins, with original songs and score by Ronit, will be distributed by Strand Releasing this fall. While working on a score for a new comedy short, Ronit is currently mastering her soundtrack EP Spirit Sources for Zen and the Art of Dying, as well as some fierce live remix and improvisation tracks from the vault. We're looking at a summer release for these new recordings! Ronit, Ted Byrnes and Charles Sharp had a first trio meeting in May, with more to come as they meld strings, percussion, winds and live electronics in unexpected spontaneous ways. The studio floor is looking more and more like a mad scientist's brain these days, with pedals and computers recombining in Ronit's evolving live rig. Ronit has some large-scale solo album and performance projects in the works... more on these soon. Stay tuned!Madscientistcolormod2 280