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There is a treasure trove of recordings now available from Wild River Records! Ronit's newest album, the effervescent rock soundtrack to Finding Neighbors, is currently on sale in the webshop and on Bandcamp. We'll let you know about the CD and digital wide release soon.

Also now available: Meditations; An Idea to Farewell co-starring contrabass powerhouse Torsten Müller; the electronic thinkscapes of Three Rooms; Ronit's original film score for The Golden Age of Fish; and the unusually attractive micro-EP true gaze speeds. The original score for Broderick Fox's film The Skin I'm In, our inaugural release, is now widely available on iTunes and in all the usual digital nooks and crannies.

Visit the shop:
Finding Neighbors
The Skin I'm In
An Idea to Farewell
Three Rooms
The Golden Age of Fish
true gaze speeds

May 2013 download of the month

This month's featured free download is Ronit's new song Starting To Realize. Listen for it in the upcoming feature film Finding Neighbors, directed by Ron Judkins.

Download here

Sunday May 19, 2013 – 12-5pm – Los Angeles, CA
Letting Go Of Struggle: Feldenkrais workshop

The way of the artist can be a path of personal power, virtuosic awareness, grace, fulfillment, mastery, and joy. Ronit's workshop offers you Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons as a foundational framework for getting to know yourself as a specific, dynamic presence. You can be an effective creative partner to yourself and to your changing environment. Bring the unconscious into consciousness through attention and movement, and open the way to unexpected inspiration.

Class will be held in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. Size limited. Fee $50.

Saturday May 4, 2013 – 6-9pm
homeLA performance art event

homeLA is a series curated by Rebecca Bruno in partnership with Dance Resource Center and Pieter. Combining site-specific dance with salon-style performance, homeLA features performances by 14 artists that activate the unique architecture and particular ethos of a home. In this first iteration, homeLA will take shape in an expansive modern home in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles. GuestHaus Residency founders Chloe Flores and her partner Tim Lefevre, who is the owner and builder of the property, have generously donated their home to the first event.

Participating artists: Ronit Kirchman, Melanie Rios Glaser, Alexx Shilling, Meg Wolfe, Nick Duran, Rikki Rothenberg, Amanda Furches, Jil Stein, Selen Ermanav, Flora Wiegmann, Maya Gingery, Perin Hailey McNelis, Alexa Weir, Julio Montero.

When would you say
The night ends and day begins?
What is it that makes something
Late or early?

Audience size is limited.
Buy tickets now
Director Ron Judkins, producer Jennifer Young and composer Ronit Kirchman traveled up to the legendary facilities at Skywalker Sound for the final dub of feature film Finding Neighbors. Working with the talented Tony Sereno and Tony Villefour, the team had an incredible time. The finished film will be coming soon to a venue near you.