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May 1, 2015 – 12-5pm – Los Angeles, CA

The Art of Dropping In - a workshop

Ronit is pleased to present a master workshop for artists of all kinds in cooperation with Creative Dream Work. The result of many years of artistic practice, meditation in various modalities, and training in somatic and movement awareness, Ronit's The Conscious Artist™ series offers an environment where creative professionals can attune within, go deep, and learn new ways in to a healthier, more connected flow in all areas.

The Art of Dropping In will take place as a one-day workshop devoted to building foundational awareness, slowing down and learning one's own instrument of perception and action. This will be a recurring "à la carte" workshop, taught every month or two from an evolving set of materials. Here is the course description:

How do we drop into a connected state? For artists seeking to bring through original material, making space and time to connect with a deeper flow of being is not a luxury, but a necessary practice. The quality of the space and time we create with our whole presence determines the quality of the material we bring through. In this workshop, we get to know more connected states in depth, letting go of the veils of habitual persona, seeking to come closer to our changing natures, exploring playfully and with curiosity. The more we visit our depths, the more available they become, and the struggles on the surface transform.

Our work will include guided meditation, the Feldenkrais Method®, somatic awareness, creative movement and visualization.

Friday, May 1, 2015, 12-5 pm
672 South La Fayette Park Place, Studio 34, Los Angeles, CA 90057
The course fee is $125.
To register please contact Ronit:
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