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"It was thrilling to discover Ronit's music and to get the opportunity to collaborate with her. She took an intimate, quiet and sometimes painful story and showed me that The Skin I'm In was worthy of a strong musical voice. Ronit's score brings together electronic, orchestral, and sampled layers in surprising ways, taking a small film to some very big places. I was perpetually amazed by our ability to communicate on intellectual, emotional, musical and intuitive levels."
Broderick Fox
Director, The Skin I'm In
"Our wildly talented and inspired composer, Ronit Kirchman is simply amazing. Several times during the process of writing the music for Finding Neighbors, Ronit made Ron [the director] cry — in a good way!"
The producers of Finding Neighbors
"A particular joy for me as a producer is to witness a deep collaboration. We were extremely fortunate when our paths crossed and that Ronit was able to communicate so specifically with our director, taking us all on a musical journey that was both beautiful and moving. The result is a unique original score that appears to emanate straight out of the imagery and narrative without ever drawing attention to itself. I can highly recommend Ronit as you will undoubtedly experience the finest in artistry and professionalism."
Lee Biolos
Executive Producer, The Skin I'm In
"Ronit takes an intelligent, thoughtful approach to creating music, and is very much in tune with the emotional throughlines in the content she is composing for. She has strong musical ideas, and is also extremely collaborative — a great combination. My experience working with her both on an indie feature and a corporate project (two ends of the spectrum!) were extremely positive and gratifying."
Judy Korin
Creative Director, Seesaw Studios
"Ronit is a fantastic composer and collaborator, and she did a beautiful job creating the logo theme music for our film production company, Automat Pictures. Ronit translated our company's aesthetic and essence into an impactful signature sound that we're proud to call our own!"
Jeffrey Schwarz
Founder, Automat Pictures
"It's kind of mind-blowing! Ronit writes in a really wide range of styles and genres, provides a top-notch studio experience and can play a ton of instruments. Ronit has a great ability to tell a story with her music and understands how to make the most of comic timing and nuance. She really enhanced both of my film projects, and she is super fun to work with! I highly recommend."
Brian Gattas
Director, Skinny Jeans and Bros