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Ronit's teaching focuses on the development of narrative, music, movement, and language as interrelated aspects of creativity. Her goal as a teacher is to expand concepts of creativity and generative process, and to enhance artists' capacity for self-development. Ronit's cross-disciplinary work as an educator stimulates new ways of understanding form and generating music, image, and story. She is particularly focused on building awareness of emerging intuitive systems through experiments and observation.

Ronit has lectured and given workshops at the graduate and undergraduate levels at CalArts and Occidental College, and also offers classes for artists at music festivals and in private settings. Ronit teaches many topics including embodied narrative, musical composition and improvisation strategies, film scoring, contemplative performance practice, violin, voice and movement. She is also a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, and continues to explore how the Feldenkrais Method® and Awareness Through Movement practice can illuminate and facilitate the creative process.

Ronit offers private coaching sessions tailored to the needs of the specific artist. She works with actors, musicians, writers, directors, and other professionals seeking to awaken and integrate the hidden resources of their creativity. Private sessions can draw on a range of multi-sensory approaches, including the Feldenkrais Method®, somatic awareness, authentic movement, vocalization, dream imagery, mindfulness and guided meditation. The emphasis of one-on-one coaching is to cultivate and enhance your individual process in developing material and creative flow.

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