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Ronit is a composer, music producer, songwriter, lyricist, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, sound designer and engineer. She creates original scores and songs for film and television, theater and dance, multimedia installations and the concert stage.



Ronit got her start writing music for narrative in the New York City theater. Ronit has composed music and lyrics as well as designed sound for numerous shows, including a chamber opera and productions with Lincoln Center Theater Directors' Lab, HERE, Peculiar Works and Target Margin Theater. More recently, Ronit composed and produced the music for the Los Angeles revival of Diana Son's Stop Kiss (2011).

Like her film music, Ronit's music for theater is versatile in its style and approach, transforming to meet the world of the story and the aesthetic and conceptual orientation of the project. Ronit feels that theater scores can harness the potential of the live performance environment, and the music she writes for theater is conceived as an integrated part of the conceptual and spatial design. She also enjoys the specific challenge of writing musical theater songs which shape and drive the story.