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Ronit is a composer, music producer, songwriter, lyricist, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, sound designer and engineer. She creates original scores and songs for film and television, theater and dance, multimedia installations and the concert stage.


Ronit has been writing songs since she was very young. The first recording she has found of one of her own songs dates back to when she was three or four. The influences she has absorbed since then are too many to number! Ronit has a great ear for the pop hook, a love of inventive record production, and a genuine affinity for the power of a song to convey a mood, touch an audience and tell a story.

Ronit has written and produced many songs specifically for films and theatrical productions. She has a particular talent for integrating songs and underscore and enjoys projects that offer the opportunity to write both. The songs Ronit has written for film and theater have included onscreen songs, end credits, songs that weave directly into underscore, source cues, musical theater numbers and arias. The songs she has written for stories run the gamut of styles — rock of many flavors (psychedelic, classic, prog-inflected), punk, alt-folk, EDM, IDM, hip-hop, avant-garde classical, traditional songbook jazz, country and electric blues. Ronit is currently producing her own solo debut album as a singer-songwriter as well as the debut album of DJ producer Lingua Remix.

Ronit also enjoys working with other artists as a producer, writing partner, arranger and engineer to develop their material. She responds to meet each project's unique collaborative needs. Ronit is a singer and has taught movement training for vocalists and actors, as well as coached singers as a musical director for theater. Her rich experience from the world of performance enables her to provide a creative and enjoyable environment for fellow artists in the recording studio.