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Ronit is a composer, music producer, songwriter, lyricist, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, sound designer and engineer. She creates original scores and songs for film and television, theater and dance, multimedia installations and the concert stage.



As a composer for feature films and television, Ronit distinguishes herself through impressive stylistic breadth, depth and originality, as well as a unique cross-disciplinary understanding of storytelling and creative collaboration. She has received multiple fellowships from the Sundance Institute, Time Warner and BMI and provided the scores for a wide range of award-winning films and festival favorites. Ronit's most recent film scores include the new documentary feature Zen and the Art of Dying, an official selection at Austin Film Festival in October and November 2015 (among many other festival screenings); comedy feature Finding Neighbors (2013), directed by Ron Judkins (currently available through Strand Releasing); and the documentary feature The Skin I'm In (2012), directed by Broderick Fox.

Ronit's work to date spans many narrative genres including drama, comedy, suspense/thriller, documentary, animation and science fiction. She has created music for film in a wide range of musical styles — cinematic orchestral, electronica from trance to IDM, rock, pop, folk, jazz, blues, country, ambient, experimental, and more. Equally at home writing for large acoustic ensembles, working with master improvisers, and programming synthesizers, Ronit brings great versatility, imagination and precision to all of her scoring projects.

A few thoughts from Ronit about writing music for film:

Film scoring is an evolving art form, and each project inspires me to improve myself as an artist. How do I listen and express? What new tools, colors, ideas, workflows and understandings can I discover? The composer is an actor, a writer, a cinematographer and production designer — all in the medium of sound. Music and silence are essential in shaping the emotional impact, tone, pacing, structure and meaning of a film in every genre.

Early in my career as a composer, I read an interview with Louis Malle. The interviewer remarked on how different Mr. Malle's films were from one another, and asked what, if any, was the common thread between them. The director replied, "Me!"

I have always cherished this little moment because it expresses something of how I feel about my relationship to film scoring. Each story provides me with the framework for discovery, and an opportunity to articulate a new aspect of my creativity.

“Ronit is simply amazing. Several times during the process of writing the music for Finding Neighbors, Ronit made Ron [the director] cry — in a good way!"
The producers of feature film Finding Neighbors (2013)