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Ronit is an accomplished visual artist and author. She creates paintings, drawings, video compositions, cartoons and graphic art, performance art and installations. She has published two books: Humph!, a satirical book of cartoons; and Staying True, a book of essays and poems about music and life process.

Ronit's current work as a painter uses small-scale drawings, digital processing and large-format oil paintings to explore the transitional zones between meaning and obscurity, notation and image, and opacity and transparency. Through evolving series, these works give form to malleable identities and ask questions about the transformative potentials of scale and trajectories of observation. Ronit experiences painting and drawing as dynamic temporal-spatial and kinesthetic processes, and some of her work actively engages process as its content. Her video The Structure of Straight Lines is one such example. In another ongoing series of drawings, Ronit generates images within specific temporal boundaries and fields of intention. Works in this vein embody a performance or expression of the meditative process.

As with some of her musical compositions, Ronit's fine art also explores conceptual mapping and network dynamics, often through generative intuitive systems which create an infinite subset of output streams from an initially defined identity or kernel source. To Ronit, this kind of system is very much like a jazz song performance, in which there is a core tune which can sustain infinite variations (although it also has the potential to cross the threshhold into a related tune). Her video work Changes was designed as a framework or "toolkit score" for live computer video performance, in which each performance creates a processed "observation" of the same narrative in the same time frame with the same palette of visual elements and workflows, yielding a visually unique output.

In 2008, Ronit's paintings and drawings were featured at the Berlinische Gallerie as the official artwork of the FMP music festival. Her video work has been exhibited at galleries and group shows in Los Angeles and New York.